Qualifications & Awards

Qualified Chef

Food Truck License

Gold Coast: Eat Safe - 5 Stars

Specialising In


Full of flavour, and abundant. Your guest will enjoy our canape packages.

Group Catering

DC Catering has spent years specialising in servicing large scale events off the grid. Wherever you are, DC Catering can feed you and 1000 of your closest friends with ease.

Private Yacht Catering

Originally catering the now retired My Seven Star vessel, DC Catering is experienced, willing, and able to service private yacht events for extended periods of time.

Street Food

DC Catering have you covered for Street Food with our versatile DC Catering Food Truck, and our Specialised Wok`N Rice Food Truck.

Street Food has been dominating online foodie culture, and local parks; now your next event can now feature this Social Media sensation!